Thursday, April 12, 2007

Healthy Girl Update

Froggy had her doc appt. at Children's Hospital on Tuesday, and she is doing GREAT, PERFECT, WONDERFUL, HEALTHY, and GORGEOUS. If I do say so myself!

At nineteen months, she's 22lbs and 32 inches. That's 25% for weight and 50% for height. Yep, her daddy's tall genes are starting to kick in.

Her lungs sound clear and healthy. At this age, she really hates the nurses, doctors, receptionists, anyone with a white coat, stethoscope, or even appearing to have something to do with the medical field. In fact, if you carry a pen in your shirt pocket, watch out, she'll give you the evil eye. She cried through the entire appointment and everytime the nurse looked at her (even from across the room) she howled louder! The doc said that when most kids cry and they listen to their breathing, she usually hears wheezing. But not from FROGGY!!! Woooo hoooo! This little tadpole has clear, healthy lungs!!!

It's soooooo wonderful to have these appointments when all is right with the world. Thank you for keeping Froggy in your prayers and thoughts. We feel the love and know she's healthier because of it.


monika said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you at the wonderful news! (my little miss t. was pretty much the same size :-)) It is great hearing how well Froggy is doing!

(been offline for a stretch -- how did the cfs walk go?)

Casey said...

This is the best news I could have read today and definitely the best news I've had all week! Congratulations a million times over!!!!!!!!!