Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh Sheeeet

(I haven't taken many pictures lately, so here are some good ones taken by Grandpa J)

Today, upon forgetting something important, I blurted "Oh Sh*t!"

Froggy, upon hearing my expletive, and mimicking her sailor-mouth-mama, said, "Ohhhh Shheeeeet!"

And then I did something even worse. I laughed. Loudly. And you know how tempting it is for a 19-month-old to repeat something funny. Fortunately, she forgot the precise word and ran around the house yelling "shoe! shoe! shoe!" Whew. I don't think I'll get dirty looks at Target with a baby yelling "Shoe!"

I'm going to wash my mouth out with soap and go to bed.

Okay, one more thing before bed. We desperately try to keep the dog and cat food out of the baby's reach, because you know how she loves to dine on Kibble. So we put the food up on the counter and get it down several times a day for the dog. Today, Froggy scooted the chair up to the counter, ate a piece of dog food, looked at me, and said, "Mmmmmm! Yummmm!" One of these days I'm going to give in and just put her mac and cheese in a dog bowl and let the pets raise her.


Anonymous said...

She's getting more beautiful by the day. Tell Grandpa J. thanks for the great photos. He's a pro.
"Sheet" reminds me when sissy repeated "Trucker" at the drive-in movie when she was 2. We thought she was asleep in the back of the VW.

Casey said...

Great pictures - she is beautiful! As for the sailor mouth - join the club. *sigh* It's hard to be perfect all the time. I clearly remember using the F word once upon a long time ago and having my not yet 2 year old son repeat it over and over. Oh yeah - stellar parenting moment.

Oh - and my daughter loves nothing more than drinking from the dogs water dish and to eat kibble from the cats bowl. GROSSSSSS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

my daughter just yesterday plopped herself onto the dog bed and thought it was hilarious. our dog sheds like crazy so it wasn't so funny. however - our dog is very smart and i swear he would be a great babysitter if we let him. have you read the carl books? hilarious. jcn

Zuska said...

your baby could say, "oh, feeeeeeek," and she'd still be so gorgeous, it wouldn't matter :) I love that face.

Froggymama said...

Papa Gus - didn't sissy say Mother Trucker?

Casey - Thanks. I'm glad I'm not the only one! And what is it about the dog food/water? Froggy has cat food breath everyday!

jcn - I love the "Good Dog Carl" books. We don't have any yet, but I'll be sure to get them. And I'm sure Buddy would be an excellent babysitter. He is so protective of her.

Zuska - thanks. We love her face too! It's soooo smoochable!