Thursday, April 05, 2007

Make Me!

Froggy will not sit in her high chair. I strap the little tadpole in as tight as I can, push the tray right against her belly, and the little Houdini always finds an escape route.

I've tried a quiet mommy voice, 'sit down' a mean mommy voice 'SIT DOWN,' and nothing phases her. We physically keep her in the chair, but the second we let go to get more food or a towel, she's standing proud, eating her avocado without a care in the world.

Sometimes she'll provoke us with other behaviors (like taking my credit card, showing it to me, then running away) because she wants the reaction, but this isn't about the reaction. She just wants to stand while she eats. It would be so much easier if she just wanted to hear mommy freak out! But no, she's just stubborn and wants to do what she wants to do. I have no idea where she acquired that trait?

At this point, I've pulled the highchair into the kitchen, rather than the dining room. And I prepare everything while holding her down. It's ridiculous.

If I have to say "Froggy SIT DOWN!" one more time, we're going to get out the picnic blanket and eat our meals on the floor. Any suggestions?


Zuska said...

Yes! Get a TV-tray table or something similar, and let her eat standing up! On the ground. In the kitchen, of course. It's probably safer than her taking a nose dive from way up there.

We also used those chairs that strap to a dining chair, and sometimes used the tray that attaches, and sometimes just put the kids right up to the table with us. That made them feel more a part of things, and happier to stay seated.

Anonymous said...

how about getting her a little table and chairs sized for her (at IKEA?) like at Montessori.

second suggestion: a chair without a tray or footstool that pulls right up to the table. she'll feel more part of things, and won't get purchase to stabd so easily. (IKEA Antilop costs ? $20? and fits the bill)

Casey said...

"Hey FroggyMama - Froggy wants a booster seat." says 2 year old Kaylen who moved to a booster at 14 months for the same reason.

Ah the independence. It's enough to drive a Mama crazy. :)