Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Little Light Reading

If anyone asks why the bookshelf is empty, say, "hasn't that bookshelf always been empty?"

No, don't act surprised, you'll blow our cover! We know nothing. nothing!

Froggy's best friend "Hummingbird" came over today and they decided they'd outgrown Dr. Seuss and were ready for "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" and "The Prophet." Ya know, a little light reading. Just as I was about to declare Froggy and Hummingbird as child prodigies, we walked to the park, where they promptly ate sand. And then we realized they are just adventurous readers...who eat sand.


Anonymous said...

so cute jcn

Shawnee said...

how cute!

Anonymous said...

Thats happend at my house too - hmmm...must be a conspiracy!!