Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cuteness Warning

I realize that a mother finds her babe cuter than anyone. And the things the babe does, more charming and hilarious. So this is a warning to everyone. Froggy is getting cuter by the day. And that means there will only be more "look what she did" and "this is what she said" posts. In fact, there maybe two or three a day, depending on the cuteness factor.

The little tadpole is in her crib now, pretending she's not tired. While I was rocking her and giving her a milk bottle, I was lost in thought, staring ahead thinking about the massive piles of laundry we have, and no quarters for the machine. Usually when I rock the Frog, we stare into one another's eyes, I sing, or talk to her about why she's so special. It's my favorite part of the day. But today I was tired and a little overwhelmed by the amount of work ahead.

Obviously annoyed by her mommy paying her little attention, Froggy took the bottle out of her mouth and very louded cleared her throat with a big, "Eeeeeheeem." The second I looked down at her, the bottle went back in her mouth and a look of satisfaction spread across her face.

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