Thursday, July 26, 2007

Froggy the Unicorn

This big shiner happened yesterday. Froggy was sooooo excited to visit her friend "Hummingbird," she tripped on the sidewalk running to her house. I was a few feet away and heard the 'pop' on the sidewalk. It was pretty bad.

But after seeing her best friend, she cheered up. Hummingbird's mom looked up all the signs of a concussion, and Froggy had none of them. The swelling has gone down, but now it's purple.

Today we tried out Froggy's new pool. It's a 'splashing' pool that hooks up to the hose, has a little slide and blow up dolphin. She and Hummingbird had a blast. Froggydadda doesn't want me to post pics of Froggy in her swimsuit, because this blog is open to the public and anyone can view it. I'd hate to believe that perverts view family websites, but I'm sure it's true. So we're not going to take the risk. But I'm happy to email pics to family and friends.


The DutchMac Tribe said...

Ooooh, there's some sort of international psychic connection here. Little Cub ripped open his shorts (and the knee beneath) yesterday with a spectacular tumble of his own. And we don't put any 'revealing' pictures or use real names on the blog either, for exactly the same reason FD doesn't like them.

I knew there was a reason we always got along! :-)

Casey said...

Oh my gosh - that looks so awful! :( I'm so sorry for her but I'm really sorry for you. I think it's harder on the mama when the babies get hurt.

Anonymous said...

send me a picture of little froggy in her pool!!!
xxoo chanin

Anonymous said...

ouch! still cute as a button though! jcn