Saturday, July 14, 2007

Peeeeuuuuuw Monkey Butt

We spent the whole day together! Froggydadda had to work. So we took advantage of a beautiful Saturday... to run boring errands.

First the bank. Then Trader Joe's.

While in line at TJ's, Froggy passed some gas. It was loud. She then picked up her stuffed monkey "Bubba" from Grandma and Grandpa, lifted the tail, smelled it and said, "Peeeuuuuw!" I couldn't believe it. Who taught her this? Curious George perhaps?

Then she smells the air and says, "Peeeeuuuuuw MAMA!" The little stinker blamed me and a monkey for her gas. My gut feeling is that Froggy is spending too much alone time with Froggydaddy. I'm thinking about installing a nanny-cam in the monkey to catch Froggydadda teaching her these stinky tactics.

On the way home, this was our conversation:

Froggymama: We had a fun day didn't we? Wasn't it fun?

Froggy: No.

Froggymama: It wasn't fun?

Froggy: No, no fun, no.

(Froggymama laughs hysterically all the way home).


Mieke said...

She looks so good. She's had a sudden hair growth spurt. Where has our baldy gone?

Anonymous said...

How can you accuse this precious toddler of lying? I happen to know that Bubba the Monkey farts like a longshoreman at a bean eating contest. gpg

Froggymama said...

Sooo funny gpg! And when have you ever been at a bean eating contest with a longshoreman monkey? And more importantly, why wasn't I invited?

Casey said...

LOL! She is friggin' adorable! :) Love that sense of humor.