Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Watercolour and acryllic paintings by Tomáš Pačes

It's rained 2 inches this year in Los Angeles. It's unbelievably dry and I have no idea how the plants, or people survive.

I miss weather; thunderstorms where the lights flicker and the dog hides under the bed, the smell of earth and grass, wet leaves and black soil. I love that electric feeling on your arm hairs when you step outside before a storm, and the warm stillness when the air feels heavier than it should. Southern CA is just too perfect, too sunny for me. How can you appreciate the sun without the storm?

Living for a year without a single rainstorm is freaky, like a Twilight Zone episode. It's just unnatural. I need green -green grass, green moss, green trees, green vines. I'll deal with the humidity and snow, if at some point in the year it's green. But this brown is lifeless, brittle and vulnerable. It begs to be more than what it is. Sometimes I feel the same about Los Angeles. It's livable, pleasant, even sunny, but there's just something missing.


Casey said...

Move here. We have rain galore. :) I'm not sure I could live in Southern CA. In fact, I'm sure I couldn't. I could barely function when we were in that heat last year at Disneyland. I don't know how you people do it. :)

DutchMac said...

Yet another spot in the world with 'rain galore'. In the past two months, I think we've seen that yellow thing in the sky (it's called a .... um, SUN, right?) maybe 4 days total. Oh what I wouldn't give for some heat, humidity, the pain of blistering the soles of your feet as you stupidly walk barefoot to the mailbox. Ahhh, the Good Ol' Days. :-)