Thursday, July 12, 2007

Froggy milestones

Froggy can count to six. She does it like this: Oooooooooooooone, twwoooooo, free, fooooouuuur, fiv, six. Sometimes she does it like this: oooooooone, two, five, six. And then she claps wildly!

She knows all of her colors, even mauve.

Froggy can repeat almost any word. Ya know, if she feels like it. And she's really into body parts and clothing. She'll point at me and say, ear, nose, cheek, knee, arm.

I told Froggy that her baby monitor is not a toy. So now she plays with it and calls it "toy".

We're trying to stress manners. Today when she was jumping on the couch, I said, "Get down please." When she did, I said, "thank you." A second passed, she looked at me very seriously and said, "you're welcome."

Yesterday Froggy said for the very first time, "I wuv you mommy." Although I must admit that the day before, she said, "I wuv you Buddy." But I'm happy to come in second.

Froggy eats crayons. She prefers pink. It must taste like grapefruit. I'm a little scared to try playdough.

On that note: I've called poison control about seven times. The conversations went something like this:

Me: Hi, my daughter just sucked on a sharpie. Will she live.
Poison Control Person: (laughing) Oh yeah, kids love sharpies. Just give her some water.

Me: Hi, my daughter just licked the top of a can of Comet.
Poison Control Person: It's an irritant, but don't worry. Just give her some water.

Me: Hi, my daughter licked my phone battery, hi, my daughter licks the bottom of my shoes, hi, my daughter eats soap, lotion, pennies, sand, dirt, feathers, lint, cat and dog food, dips her pacifier in the dog water and in my coffee.
Poison Control Person: Just give her some water.

Her obsession with shoes is hilarious. I have a cloth shoe rack that hangs from the back of our bedroom door. She points at it and says, "shoe, shoe, shoe, shoe, shoe," only to be satisfied when I find the exact pair, she desires. Tennis shoes, ohhhh no. Slippers, nope. Sandals, I don't think so. This girl loves heels. And at 22 months, she can walk more gracefully and take corners better than her mama. Our poor neighbor downstairs must believe we're purposefully tormenting him.

Froggy is just starting to speak in complete sentences. A few examples:

Froggy: Buuuyeee (Buddy) side (outside) go, c'mon Buuyee, c'mon.

Froggy: Mommy, peeeeuuuew mommy. (when SHE toots! Taking after her father, she blames me!)

Froggy: Pipoooooo (Piper) Peeeanut, Buuyeee, tweet (treat). As she throws some cheese on the floor.

Or a phone conversation she had on her Elmo phone:

Froggy: Hi, hello, hi, cool, bye.

And the last cutie patootie, adorable thing that she does is... When I put her in her crib at night. She says, "kissy mama, huggy mama." And I kiss her forehead, chin, nose, cheeks and toes. And then she rolls over and says, "night night."

I love this kid.


Anonymous said...

awhhh...i love the way you write about this. we have to get our girls together. jcn

Casey said...

and how could you not? She sounds absolutely adorable - even *I* want to snuggle and kiss her. :)

Isn't it the best to watch them grow and learn things? And even more amazing is that YOU have taught her. :)

MONSTER said...

What a cutie, cutie, CUTIE! We'll have to get Froggy to teach The Bub some manners. He's a bit of a cave man.