Tuesday, August 14, 2007

EEG Results

I dressed myself today, can you tell?

The MRI scheduler called bright and early, leaving a message that they wanted to reschedule Froggy's MRI to an earlier date. I panicked and thought this meant the neurologist had called them with bad news. But it was because they wanted to move the procedure to the hospital (rather than the clinic), as a precaution since she has CF. So now our MRI is Wednesday, August 29th at 10:30am.

I spoke with the neurologist and she said there was one spike on the EEG. A spike just means an irregular brain wave, which could be indicative of a seizure. She said that some EEG's can register hundreds or even thousands of spikes, so one is pretty good. However, it does mean that something is going on. Her seizures were not just a fluke or something brought on by a fever or a random occurance. So as of tomorrow, she'll have one more medication to take! I'm actually relieved. The fear of her having another seizure has been a big stress and this will probably prevent most, if not all of them. The doc also thinks the seizure is coming from the Frontal Lobe. So of course this neurotic mama got online and looked up frontal lobe seizures and learned way more than I needed to know. So I've vowed to stay away from the Mayo clinic and webmd website until the MRI.

We pick up her new meds tomorrow, and I have to work on getting coverage for one that is $300.00 with Medicare or CCS, but the meds more than likely will only be covered if it's directly related to Cystic Fibrosis. So it looks like I'll have to go through the red tape tomorrow. I'm so exhausted and mad, because I was on the phone today for four hours (not exaggerating) with the pharmacy in Indiana that STILL has not delivered one of her inhaled meds. I can't go into details or steam will come out of my ears and my head will spin around, and it's "mommy is having a glass of red wine time" not "bitching about life" time. Supposedly they're coming tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath.

After receiving all the important info, I asked the doc if it would be okay to take Froggy to Iowa this Friday. I told her that I wanted to do what was best for Froggy and we could reschedule, but she said that as long as we weren't camping in the deep woods without proper health care, she couldn't see any reason not to go. I said, "you've obviously never been to Iowa." Ha, ha. Just kidding.

So if Froggy stays healthy the next few days and doesn't have any seizures, we might be able to get the heck out of dodge for a while, which would be nice.

In regular-life news, I bought some birthday presents for Froggy today (at Target of course, where else?). The very second I put one of the bags on the floor, Froggy pulled out her new dress up shoes and yelled "SHOESSSSS!" So she opened that one early. And boy were they a hit. She walked around the house for an hour saying, "shoes, shoes, shoes." She's never getting a credit card, ever.


Anonymous said...

yea...don't read the internet. it will drive you crazy. thinking of you and hoping you can get away. love the shoes!

Anonymous said...

oops - that 1st comment was me...jcn

Casey said...

Well...all things considered, one spike is better than it could have been. *sigh* I'm so sorry.

Here's hoping you are able to get out of town and have some good times with your family.


MONSTER said...

She's a cute one, that girl and her shoes.

Yeah, get out of dodge, you need a change of scene. You need that green that you've been yearning for. You need to be babied by mommy and daddy and have someone else doing the laundry for a change and making you a cup of coffee, am I right?!!!

Lots of kisses from all of us.