Friday, August 10, 2007


Checking blood pressure. The EEG lady is getting her computer set up behind Froggy.

We just got back from the EEG. It was a long day, but fairly painless. Froggy is so used to doctors, as long as there are no needles around, she's cool.

The anesthesiologist was surprised that we had not kept Froggy up all night. I must have looked at him like, "are you kidding me, keep a toddler up all night?" Because she was fighting sleep, they had to give her the full dose of sedative. Falling asleep was tough, she kicked and screamed, bonked her noggin on the bed rail, and finally she just crashed. The EEG was only 30 minutes, and Froggy woke up just as they were taking the wires off.

The entire day at the hospital was only five hours, so not too bad. In fact a lot of her Pulmonary visits are that long. As usual, Froggy was a doll and made the day fun. She's napping now, and I think I'll join her.


Zuska said...

When do you hear about the results?

Please know you are thought of!!

MONSTER said...

Phew, glad to hear that it wasn't all that bad. We were sending good vibes through the airwaves. Major smooches from The Bub.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad it was "only" five hours. what a trooper froggy is. and you too supermom. jcn

Casey said...

I'm glad it went well but I have to say, that picture of her all hooked up and out like a light made me tear up. It's so not fair that she had to endure it at all. But...I am so, so glad that she did so well. I'm waiting on pins and needles for the results.