Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Early Birthday!

Pee Wee and Froggy celebrating their birthdays together. Pee Wee turned 22, and
Froggy will be 2 on September 8th!
Auntie "Pigwoman" is my mom's sis. I can't remember why she is called that, she's very thin. I think it might have had something to do with a casserole, but I can't remember.

Gorgeous Great Grammy! She's 89, and still so pretty.

My sis, Auntie Arctica. Froggy LOVES her, as you can tell.

Cousin "EEEEEEE" blowing bubbles. Froggy kept talking gibberish to him for about five minutes. He listened patiently, nodding his head and acknowledging the conversation. Finally, he said, "Yeah, I have no idea what you're talking about."

Froggy and Papa Gus. Two peas in a pod.

Froggymama and Froggy riding a tricycle for the first time. Papa put blocks on the peddles so she could reach, but she's still not quite ready.

A GREAT birthday present from Grandma. It's been raining here, so we'll have to take advantage of it before we go back to the desert that is LA.

Opening presents. This was a bubble machine. Oh joy! It's a puppy that opens his mouth and spits bubbles. What more does a toddler need in life?

Cousin "Ballerina" practicing her babysitting skills.


Mieke said...

I can't believe that baby is going to be 2. Holy Moly. She's practically Gabo's age.

Anonymous said...

Dar Froggymamma,
I am writing to thank you for sharing your blog. A friend of mine sent me the link after my daughter was diagnosed with CF at 9 days old. She is now almost 5 months and doing well.

Seeing Froggy smiling and playing is great and your optimism helps me stay optimistic. Thanks again!


Froggymama said...

KHJ, welcome! And it's so true. When I see other kids, especially older ones who are doing great, it gives me such hope! Send me your email address, if you don't mind.