Friday, August 31, 2007

Presents for the Froggy Princess

If you're stumped for ideas for Froggy's birthday, I've created a wish list on Amazon. By no means does she NEED any of these things. I'm just shopping online for the future. Froggy has everything she needs and more.

We could use some clothes for fall, but I'm a huge believer in buying 'used'. We stain everything with meds or food anyway. So a stop at Goodwill or 'Out of the Closet' for some play clothes would be awesome.

Again, we don't need anything. Notice a bike seat on the list (more a present for Froggymama than Froggy). Here's a sad fact, Froggy calls my bike "Papa's Bike". Ya wanna know why? Because when my dad visits, he rides it everyday. Froggy has never seen me ride the bike, in two years, not once. So sad.

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