Friday, April 25, 2008

Sweet Victory

The Great War of the Pacifier is over. Froggymama and Froggydadda reign victorious.

Froggy suffered withdrawals, flailed, screamed, pleaded, begged, sobbed, went on a nap-strike, stayed awake til 10pm, and has finally kicked her nuk habit. It wasn't pretty, but it's over...I hope.

Today, Froggy took a nap without even asking for her pacifier. It was sweet, sweet, victory!


Anonymous said...

congratulations. been there. :-) jcn

Infidel Rooster said...

I'm torn on this one. I had a pacifier until I was about four. I used to slip it to one side of my mouth Popeye style while I talked out of the other.
My mother finally lied to me and said there was a baby cow that didn't have a pacifier and needed one--I gave it up without complaint and never asked for it again.
I still remind her that the entire episode was based on a big fat lie for her part. But whatever ;)

I get the whole "my kid is getting too old for this" (kind of) but how does a pacifier come into the equation to begin with? If it's something that we eventually get rid of, why introduce it in the first place?

I really am curious about this as my wife and I have been getting more serious about the idea of kids. I'm good with kids that can talk and carry on a conversation, babies not so much.

Is it possible to not have a pacifier at all?

Beverly said...

Good for Froggy and you. Ella's very attached to her thumb...a fund has already been started for orthodontics.

Froggymama said...

InfidelRooster: To answer your question... nope pacifiers aren't necessary. It was one of those pre-baby things I said I would never do. Then one day we were driving in the car, and Froggy started crying and ta daaaaa, the pacifier seemed like the most fabulous invention ever to enter our lives. It's basically a device to pacify the parents when their kid is more than they can handle. And for those long car/plane rides, the pacifier was like baby heroin,and sooo worth it.

This week has been tough, but I guess I'm not too negative anymore about pacifiers because it was such a comforting device for a baby, like a blanket, or favorite stuffed animal. Eventually they outgrow it, and hopefully the weaning of those first addictions won't lead to major therapy. One can only hope.

And I think it's great that you're thinking of having a kiddo. And I agree, babies are pretty boring, but once they start talking and develop personalities, it is a very fun ride. And the baby stuff is pretty cool too. When it's your own kid - they burp and you think they're brilliant.

Btw, I also lied to Froggy. Instead of a cow, I said I mailed her pacifiers to all the babies who needed them. It didn't go over well. And now I think she may hate babies. Uh oh.

Unknown said...

Oh, how I dread the day when it's time to take the binky away from George, for I love it as much as he does. Henry never had one so I have not been through the binky addiction/withdrawal process before, but I've heard that it's painful for everyone involved. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. I guess I got lucky on this one. Giving up the "nuk" was so son-traumatic for both of my girls that I'm afraid it was totally not memorable. I think each of them just went to bed without it one night and it was done. I still have pacifiers from the oldest in a drawer in the kitchen somewhere (way in the back with the never used orange peeler and the melon baller). Didn't need to put them under lock and key or send them to the "babies."

It's strange when I think about it. How DID they give them up so easily?

Emily does occasionally go to the drawer and help herself to one that had been hers a year ago. Yes, they are still there, too. I rarely clean and toss stuff from the drawers.

When she does grab one, it's for the purpose of pretend play. Usually her big sister has assigned her the role of "baby." And, we all know that babies have pacifiers, so off to the drawer she goes. The first time she did it I wondered if if would trigger a happy memory and wheter we'd get it away from her. But, they were soon off to playing grocery store and she had to be the shopper, so the "nuk" got left on the kitchen floor.

Thank goodness for small things, I guess!

mom to Emily 2 1/2 w/cf