Thursday, June 26, 2008

How is this for a first day?

On Froggydadda's first day as a student Respiratory Therapist...

He did CPR on a woman for 50 minutes.

His first patient had severe Cerebral Palsy and could only communicate by screaming, while FD took his oxygen levels.

FD was offered a job on the weekends to clean respiratory machines. We're still debating whether or not he should take it.

During a break, FD called me and said how amazing it felt to be doing something important, to sit by the hospital beds, watch golf (and he hates golf) with an elderly patient, and to do something well. His RT instructor was super impressed and of course all the nurses were smitten. Back off girls.

The next eight weeks will be incredibly difficult for our family. FD has 12-14 hour days all week (with Fridays off) and may work on the weekends. The question is, how am I to work 25-30hours a week while being the primary caretaker of the world's busiest toddler, without help. Yikes. I'm tired just thinking about it, but incredibly proud of my husband and all he has accomplished.


Beverly said...

When I have a few minutes, I'll post about my experience with a brand new RT when I went into respiratory failure.

Take it one day at a time, one hour at a time. You will survive. You are young. You are strong. You are woman!!!

Thinking of you, my dear.

Casey said...

Wow - go FD!! And congrats on it all. It will be a ton of sacrafices at the onset but the rewards will be huge.

And you can do it. If I can do it for four long years you can do this for two months. It's just eight weeks. You can do anything because well - you already do so much. But maybe see if there is a high school girl hanging around who can come (for cheap!) to play with Froggy for a couple hours a day so you can work. If I lived near, I would be on your porch every day to help you through this. Keep reminding yourself it's "just eight weeks." You can do this!!

Glenna said...

Hang in there!

Just a word from the "been through it", I went back to RT school as an adult (second career) and I thought it would kill me trying to go to school, do three clinicals a week, work part time, and still take care of home. My point is: I hear ya! So hang in there. It will get easier eventually!

Laughed at the first day. Oh yeah. MY first day a pt's IV line (capped off) got hit and knocked out of place while the Pulmo was putting in a chest tube and the guy ended up bleeding all over me so bad I had to throw my scrubs AND BRA away. LOL!

But I agree about the work. Sometimes it's bizarre but I wouldn't have any other job. Every morning (night shift) I walk to my car thinking "That was a good night's work. I made a difference to my patients."

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

wow! what a day...and yea...those eight weeks will NOT be easy. i like casey's idea of seeing if you can get someone to come play with froggy. it WILL help a bit. hang in there. jcn

Meeps said...

I have no school and also Raquel so if you need me -just yell. I am happy to step in.