Monday, June 16, 2008

The Tye Dye Sisters

Chocolate kisses.

Our colorful girls.

Everyone looking a little possessed, but still cute.

Riding the train with "Hal" the conductor. He only has one tooth, but he sure was friendly.

Climbing up in the old trains.

Looking bored together.

Sunday, we all celebrated Father's Day at a little place in Griffith Park called "Travel Town," which houses old trains from the turn of the century. It's a great laidback place where kids can run around and climb trains. Froggy is really into Thomas the Tank Engine, so she had a great time. And the sisters were able to spend time together, in their tie dye outfits and tie dye hair.

I really miss Griffith Park. When FD and I lived in Hollywood, I'd hike up to the observatory a few times a week. In fact, Griffith Park was really the only thing I liked about living in Hollywood.


Anonymous said...

we almost crossed paths...we celebrated fathers day at griffith park too...just a different part of the park.

Meeps said...

Holy Moly - C. looks exactly like Froggy Daddy's mother now!!!