Wednesday, November 05, 2008

History was made!

Froggy with her "I VOTED" sticker! Froggy took this picture of Froggymama after voting!

We all watched the acceptance speech together.

Froggy was more interested in her books than politics.

I'm just in awe. To think that the first president Froggy will remember in her life is African American... Wow! We've come a long way. This will shape how her generation views their America, what is possible, how much has changed.

Watching the excitement, disbelief and hope in the faces of Obama's supporters was very emotional. When Obama spoke of the 106 year old black woman who voted after living through segregation, lynchings, and the civil rights movement, really struck a cord with how incredible this truly is. I can't imagine how she felt last night, how proud she must be.


Lydia Russell said...

Its really something, isn't it?

Did you hear what Sen. Obama said to his daughters in his speech? "You've earned the puppy we're taking with us to the White House." So sweet!

MONSTER said...

I had my sleepless night LAST night, as I lay awake, in wonderment, just thinking of what has now become possible...just by one guy having the courage to make a difference. THIS is a president I can look up to and be inspired by and be proud of.

And BTW, Froggy gets prettier and prettier every day!

fleetfeet said...

Agreed! Well-said, as always~

Filguy said...

the big deal is that it's not just there in the USA, it's all around the world!
we, here in portugal, are proud and full of hope for a big change!

Christy said...

Froggy is absolutely adorable!