Thursday, October 05, 2006


Today, Froggydaddy and I have been married for four years!

I wish I could write more on my love for him, but I have a little Froggy here who needs to be held (all day). Oh dear. So much for romance. Here's a poem I wrote for FD six years ago when we started dated.

For Froggydaddy

We are wind driven beauties
life growing out of pores with Jasmine smells,
lavender bathed babies, we glow.

Eyes are windows they say and that day
a stillness in the air, the moon turned our way
and said yes
to every favor, every whim, every childhood wish.

We are century spirits
older than before we were born
our shadows met, stretching
long-bladed fingers along moon cratered sand.

We are flying above our bodies
a fairy dance
a fingertip affair, where hands
fit together and our bodies fit
together and we
twirl and laugh through tree top channels
reaching long branches down, scraping
layers of dust and gravel
we collected along the way,
before we met, before we were born
our shadows fell stardust reflections
to shape like bodies.

We piece each other back together
the strings and buttons, stitchings
the unraveled bits with glue and calloused hands.

We were cast out by the gods on a fisherman’s pole
to swim and suck in life
toward the center of the sea
where volcanoes and earthquakes
shake and snarl and nobody knows
they can’t swim that far.

We are more than we are
in our shadow
where sun and moon decide the truth


froggyaunt said...

Happy Anniversary, FM and FD!!! I saw your anniversary on my calendar this morning but hadn't gotten around to wishing you a good one. Make time for romance regardless! Froggy will be glad you did!

Anonymous said...

*~*HaPpY AnNiVeRsArY!!*~*

loved the you!


Mieke said...

Happy Anniversary!!!