Monday, October 02, 2006

A Poopy Day

I'm having blogger problems and am unable to display any photos. Not sure why. But I'm totally computer stupid, so who knows when you will see Froggy again. That's a threat, for all you computer literate friends. No Froggy until you fix my computer!

Froggy is super constipated and still malabsorbing. She threw-up this weekend and twice today so I called the CF docs at Children's Hospital. They told us to come in for x-rays.

Froggy was an angel! She stayed completely still for the Radiologist and actually had fun at the doctor's. We had a long wait because it was a "sick call" and they fit us in between appointments.

We played 'peek-a-boo' and when she tired of her toys, I let her play with my keys, a pen, tongue depressor, examining table paper. It was four hours of prodding and waiting. I can't believe how great Froggy was. Today could have been horrible, but her sweet disposition and sense of humor kept us both in smiles.

The docs said that fortunately there was no bowel obstruction, but there was a tremendous amount of poop in her. Poor girl. She will HATE me for posting this when she is 16.

The docs wrote her a prescription for a more aggressive laxative. On the way home, Froggy ralphed on the freeway and I had to pull over and wash out the car seat, change her shirt and diaper. And this is why Froggy is just a superchamp - after getting sick in the car, she was fine. No crying, no fussing. She was totally content in our stinky car, without a nap, and a very frazzled and tired mama. I love this girl! She inspires me to be a better person.

After our appt., we had to stop at the drug store for her super laxative. The pharmacist said they were way behind and it would be at least an hour. We still had dinner, respiratory therapy and a dog who hadn't peed in 9 hours ahead of us. I looked the pharmacist in the eyes with the most pathetic look I could muster and said, "please, my baby puked in the car, we've spent five hours at the doctors and she really needs to poop, for the love of God." The meds were ready in three minutes. Woo hoo! I love that pharmacist!

Little Froggy was a doll through therapy and dinner and drank her super-laxative like it was kool-aid. I am in awe of my girl. She is my life teacher, instructing me that everything can be fun, even a day at the docs, when you're backed up, gassy and pukin' in the car. It is an adventure, this life. Perspective is everything. And this little one-year-old knows more than her Froggymama. She is my hero, and right now, thankfully, she is sleeping comfortably...until the laxative kicks in. This could be a long night!


Anonymous said...

i am in awe of YOU! you are such a great mom. love your posts. jcn

Anonymous said...

you hang in there! we are rooting for froggy's bowel movements. go froggy go!!


Froggymama said...

Thank you! The laxative was gentle and didn't hit til the morning. 5:30am, but not bad. And she was feeling well enough for milk, cereal and some eggies! YEAH, Froggy!

froggyaunt said...

I wondered what happened to you. Welcome back! Is this (your story) where the expression "s happens" comes from? Oh no, your story is the reverse! Glad it all came out...and gently at that.

Yes, FM, you will find throughout life that Froggy will teach you much. That's why we are told to become like little children. They have some things absolutely right. We must be astute watchers and learners. I look forward to seeing Froggy grow up and you become a child!

P.S. Don't worry about the music choices. I have Machine Head in my collection of albums. It did not last.:)