Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fatty Fatty 2 by 4 Couldn't Get Through The Bathroom Door

So she did it on the floor.

I'm sorry, that's a disgusting rhyme from my childhood.

But on that note, I'm getting serious about losing my baby weight. Can you even call it baby weight when your baby is now walking, talking and poking my stomach because she likes the way it jiggles?

I've had it. I'm sick of making excuses. Excuses like, "I'm too tired to exercise" or "My only comfort in the day is ice cream!" It's all lies. Lies, I tell you, LIES!!!

When I met Froggydaddy I was 107lbs. Now...I'm not.

I'd like to take this moment to blame my child for my weight gain. While prego, I ate a tremendous amount of Ben & Jerry's, pasta, bread, and ultimately gained 43lbs. It was Froggy's fault. She craved carbs and sugar. What was I to do?

I've lost most of it, but still have 5 to go, to be at my pre-prego weight. And even then, I was a little chunky.

I'm now 123 lbs. And I'd like to be 115 lbs. At 5'3", that's a healthy weight and one I could be happy with. By April 1st, I will be that weight. And if I'm not, you have permission to call me Fatty, Fatty 2 by 4.

No more ice cream, no more burgers, no more pigging out at night when the baby goes to bed. I'm going to swim, walk, and jog this flabby butt to 115lbs. Hold me to it!


Anonymous said...

You can do it, tubbo! (Just KIDDING).

Uncle W.

Anonymous said...

First of all FroggyMama...you are gorgeous no matter what you weigh! :) But I understand, being comfortable and happy in your own body is what is important. Losing and maintaining weight has been and continues to be something I struggle with. I wish we lived closer to each other so we could go exercise together and motivate each other! Recently, I have found an exercise buddy, someone who is expecting me to show up at a previously planned time/schedule and make the effort with her...it really helps! Of course, eating well and getting enough rest (I know it must be hard with a froggy hopping around every day) helps too. Maybe you can find a buddy there...maybe there's another mommy in your neighborhood who is seeking the same thing you are? I think the key is to attack the situation with consistency and to remember that you are doing this for yourself...and make it a priority just as important as making sure froggy is healthy...it will give you MORE energy in the long run and will make you feel good, which in turn, will make you an even BETTER froggymommy than you already are.

did i mention i can't wait to come down there in may? :)

Froggymama said...

Thank you! And just to clarify, this is not a picture of me NOW. This was when I was prego. I'm not THAT fat! :)

Froggymama said...

Tina, thanks! I just have to figure out a time (yeah right) when I can get to the pool. I'm sitting here at 6:30pm, about to put Froggy to bed (after her treatment), thinking, "I want to go to bed too." Maybe tomorrow I'll exercise. Yawn, yawn, zzzzzzzz. And I CAN'T WAIT to see you in May too! Wish we lived closer.

Casey said...

Good luck - I know you can do it!! (Now if only I could get that motivated.....)