Monday, February 26, 2007

My New Toy!

Hey mom, I found the coolest toy in your purse today!

At first I thought it was a tiny pillow, like for my dolly. But then, I tore the sucker apart! It wasn't a pillow at all. It was a kitty sleeping bag! But before I could get the kitties all packed up for camping, I noticed the floors were dirty, and that's when I realized this wasn't a kitty sleeping bag, no, no, it was a mini mop for the kitchen floor. And I love helping mom clean!!! So I scrubbed the floors for her. She just laughed and took my picture.

I said, "thanks for the help, lazy bones!"

Then I pulled a piece off the mini mop and stuck it to my belly! It was so neat. I looked up at mom like, "did you know that when you're done mopping the floors, you can store this thing on your belly?" She laughed again and that's when I realized that it wasn't a mini mop at all.

It's was a belly bumper. So if I run into something (which I often do), my belly bumper will cushion the blow. Hey, thanks for looking out for me mom. Wait til I show all the kids on the playground how cool I am!


Mieke said...

At least it happened at home!

So funny. Goofy girl!

Froggymama said...

Yeah, but on the plane, she pulled out a pad and handed it to the guy sitting next to us. Oh dear.

Mieke said...

So wrong in so many ways!

Did you die?

Casey said...

Oh my gosh! I'm not sure which is funnier (yes, I know it's not a real word...) the photos or the write up.

Too dang funny! Seriously. And it makes me sad that I didn't take picture of my kids when they went through their tampon stages. :)

Anonymous said...

hilarious...and i totally relate - my daughter just found the same thing in my purse! jcn