Saturday, March 03, 2007

Boo Hoo Said The Baby

Some amazing, miraculous, stupendous leaps and bounds of a Little Froggy:

When we read the story "Boo Hoo Baby," Froggy fake cries like the boo hoo baby. But she is sooo not an actress. It is a very fake cry that makes me fall off the sofa laughing. It's a soap opera cry "ahh huuh, eeeh huhhh, ahh huhhh." And yesterday at Target, when we heard a baby cry, I said, "boo hoo, said the baby," and Froggy said, "eeeh huuuh, eeeeh huhhh." It was completely without empathy like, "boo hoo, baby, get over it, we've all got problems, geessh!"

Froggy has invented her own little swear word. It's "Gaaaaahhhhhh." Froggydaddy and I believe that it may be the equivelant of "f-you," because she uses it when standing in her high chair (proudly, I might add), or when splashing in the dog's water, or knocking my books off the shelf. She says it with such joy and sense of accomplishment, I have a difficult time giving her the "disappointed mommy look." Gaaahhhhhhhh!

Froggy LOVES her daddy. After FD leaves for work, she'll knock on the door and say, "dadda?" Or she'll go to the window, open the blinds and look for him. I tell her that Dadda is at work and she looks at me like, "Oh, Gaaahhhh!"

She can say, "more, cheese, daddy, mama, Eesss (that's me), kitty, Buddy, meow, woof, cat, juice, shoes, hi, hello, bye, Kaela (her friend Makaela), boo hoo, moo, peeuuew, car, mimi (lambie), Elmo, Papa, Sissy, Night night, eat, puppy, Kiwi, Cado (avocad0), egg, nana (banana), no noooooo, yes, belly, boob, nose, eww, eye, toes, duck, quack, dog, leash, come, socks, pee pee, bottom, and has started putting words together, like, "Hi dadda," and "more cheese." What else do you really need to know in life?

She can also sign "eat, milk, more, and dog."

So far Froggy has mastered the harmonica, drums, flute, piano, kazoo and tambourine. And by 'mastered' I mean, she can blow, bang, whistle, slap and dance around the room like a little monkey. And what a happy child. She squeals so loudly, that I'm deaf in my right ear and the cats have taken permanent residence under our bed.

Froggy is such a fast little runner, I can barely keep up. And I'm not exaggerating. She is FAST. There's a reason I'm so tired at the end of the day.
At almost 18 months she loves copying her mama. She'll pick up the phone and in a very bossy voice say, "hello!, mmmmhmmmm, Gaaaahhhhh!"

I've had three sinus infections in five months, so I'm constantly blowing my nose. Froggy pulls the toilet paper off the role and blows her nose, loudly. She thinks this is hilarious.

Today, FD was changing Froggy's diaper and said, "there's something in her pocket." He then pulled out a tube of my lipstick. The stinker had opened her diaper bag, found my makeup bag, opened the zipper, stole the lipstick, put it in her pocket and put everything back in the diaper bag. The beginnings of a little Winona Ryder? I hope not. She also LOVES my credit card and hides it from me. I'm just waiting for a bill from Toy's r Us for three hundred stuffed animals.

She has eight teeth, can ride in her little Mickey Mouse car by herself, climbs anything and everything, has a fascination with belly buttons, shoes, and now lipstick. And most importantly, she is a sweet, sweet girl. I love this kid.


Anonymous said...

i love it that she says elmo. my daughter too! and mine hasn't seen an ounce of tv. great post. jcn :-)

Froggymama said...

Thanks jcn. I swear Elmo is magic. Froggy loves him on Sesame Street, his doll, when she sees his picture on the cookie box. She can spot him anywhere. There's just something about him I guess.

monika said...

adorable!! (the notion that babies have swear words too is too hilarious!)

love her fleece jacket too...

Casey said...

"I've had three sinus infections in five months, so I'm constantly blowing my nose. Froggy pulls the toilet paper off the role and blows her nose, loudly. She thinks this is hilarious."

Is it wrong that I laughed out loud to this? Cracked me up!! :)