Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Garden of Eden - or Santa Monica

One of the many unfortunate things about living in an apartment is not having a garden. Today we spent time in the community gardens and are now thinking about putting our name on the waiting list for a little bit 0'land.

My dad is a Master Gardener and has a mini greenhouse in his basement. So perhaps with his tutelage, if we do acquire a plot in the community garden, we could grow our own veggies and some California poppies (my favorite). Froggy could have her own little space for digging up treasures, ya know, rocks and twigs, and the occasional bug.

We're off to the Grandparents in the mountains. So get ready for some hiking pictures.


Casey said...

Dirt. A kids best friend. I hope the wait to your own garden space is short.

Anonymous said...

the grass is always greener. we have a tiny very small "garden' in our yard but no time to really tend to it with a 22 month old. i think a space outside your home sounds perfect. :-) jcn