Monday, March 26, 2007

The Iowa Zoo

This is my 100th post! I wonder if blogger will send me a toaster as a prize?

These pictures are from Friday, when we went to the Blank Park Zoo in Iowa.

Froggy was really impressed by the lions and tigers and "RROAARED!" at them. It was very scary. The lions and tigers were terrified of this 18 month-old's ROOOOAAAR, and expressed their fear by completely ignoring us and going about their kitty business.

There are more Iowa pics to come, but I'm having computer issues, so maybe in the next week or so.

I will be busy fundraising for the next week, so forgive my infrequent and boring posts! And that's a big 'hint hint' to donate!!! And if you live in the LA area and haven't signed up to walk with us, please join our team. We have so few people walking this year, and we need your help!

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