Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Don't Throw the Baby Out With the Bath Water


Wake up to baby crying, just plain unhappy.

Husband mad at me, won't say why.

Mommy eats chocolate cake for breakfast and doesn't feel at all bad about it.

Dirty house. Dishes to do.

Breakfast, treatment, baby won't nap.

Mommy cleans.

Baby won't eat lunch, throws spaghetti across the room, at the dog, at Mommy.

Baby throws broccoli across the room, at the dog, at Mommy.

Mommy says, "Stop it," a little too loudly. Baby looks sad.

Mommy makes a milk bottle for third nap attempt.

Dog pees on the floor.

Baby slips and falls in the pee.

Mommy gives baby a bath. Baby splashes like a crazy girl. Everyone is soaked.

Baby is now in the crib, talking, climbing, reading, singing, with no sign of ever, ever, ever going to sleep.

Mommy has taxes, paperwork, and a job to do.

Anyone want a dog?

And two cats?

And a husband?

I'm only keeping the baby - who just fell asleep.


Anonymous said...

I know its not funny so why am I laughing? I get enough of dogs and cats but I'll take the husband for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoons but that's it. Maybe we could watch a ball game on the tube. As cousin Becky says "Ha!" Love gpg

Froggymama said...

Feel free (no pun intended), but FD doesn't like baseball. How about the Tour de France or a show about old cars. I miss all the help from Iowa and I'm definitely feeling the burn. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I'm sure it will. And you're laughing, because just like our family vacations, there's nothing funnier than a crappy day, where everything goes exactly wrong! xoxo

Casey said...

Some days you just gotta wonder why you bother getting up. :)