Sunday, March 04, 2007


Raise a million dollars for Cystic Fibrosis Research.

Have the world’s biggest party when we learn of the cure for CF.

Listen to more Aretha Franklin.

Snorkel off Antigua Island.

Read a fabulous novel.

Travel to India.

Go on a date with my beautiful husband and have a delicious gourmet meal, including dessert and cappuccino.

Spend a weekend in San Francisco with Tina, dancing and hanging with the seals.

Travel to New York, see five shows off and on- Broadway, take a long walk through Central Park, hit the St. Marks book stores and visit friends at coffee shops and have amazing Indian and Italian food.

Travel to the South of France and sip wine, eat lots of cheese and pastries and take pictures at the Farmer’s Markets.

Go on a bike ride to the beach with my husband and baby.

Have a clean and organized home.

Get my haircut.

Write a script that makes a million bucks.

Get published in a magazine.

Have my friend “J” and “S” move into my apt. complex, so we can have coffee in the morning and a beer at night.

Take more bubble baths.

Write poetry.

See my family more than a few times a year.

Live somewhere green and rainy.

Have 8 hours a day to write!

Hire a nanny, maid and personal asst. so I can have the time to enjoy my baby, write my heart out, and live in a cleaner home.

Have the body I had when I was sixteen.

Have my parents live forever.

Get a massage that lasts until I say they can stop!

Stop worrying.

Know that everything will be okay.

Feel successful as a writer.

Be a better wife.

Bitch less. (this goes with the one above)

Clean out the car port.

Pet my cat Piper more.

Have patience with people.

Go back to Russia and visit my old friends.

Spend a day taking pictures of silly things.

Gather wildflowers, dry, and hang them in my house.

Start and finish Froggy's photo albums.

Make the world a better place for my family, friends and everyone else.

Volunteer more.

Write letters to major corporations to fund research for CF.

Be the very best mama I can be.

Keep my family safe and happy.

Write more, write more, write more, write more, write more!!!

Learn how to cook food that's edible and nutritious.

Find the very best doctors for Froggy.

Learn Reiki, to help heal my baby.

Go camping, wake up to the sounds of birds, leaves whistling in the breeze and breathe the mountain air!

Relax, enjoy the moment, breathe and enjoy this life.

Not take life so seriously.

Practice Yoga, swim every other day, and feel comfortable in my body.

Have more moments where I feel connected to the people I love and the world I share.

Feel a sense of peace every morning.


Anonymous said...

:-) jcn

Shawnee said...

Your list is very reasonable! Just remember you can do anything you set your mind to. From reading your blog I am confident you can accomplish just about anything you choose to do.

froggyaunt said...

Know that everything will be okay. That one can be had.

Casey said...

I echo FroggyAunt. You can have that one - it's there, just for the taking.