Monday, April 16, 2007

Carousel and Pseudomas - A Very Strange Combo

Our brave girl on Black Beauty.
After 10 times around, poor Froggydaddy couldn't get the timing right on
my 3-second delay camera. It was too funny.

A Carousel pony is the only kind of horse FD would ever let her ride.

Totally off topic. We heard back from Children's Hospital today and Froggy's throat culture for Pseudomonas was negative. Yippeeeeeeeeee!!!! Hoorayyyyyyy! Pseudomonas is a nasty gram negative bacteria that CF kids grow in their lungs because the mucus is too thick, and the scillia (those little hairs that flush out bacteria) are unable to flush outta there. It's a scary bacteria because it's resistant to antibiotics and it's what causes major damage to CF'ers lungs.

One of Froggy's inhaled treatments helps to thin the mucus and prevent bacteria growth. And it's working. Soooo...if we can keep Froggy's lungs free and clear, by the time we find the cure, her lungs will be totally healthy, and she will be totally healthy, and her daddy and I will be walking on sunshine! This was good news and a huge relief.


Casey said...

I'm am SO thrilled for you all - congratulations on the great report!!!!!!

And I swear, carousel pics are so darn tricky to get. I have the worst time with them.

Anonymous said...

great news! and the pics are still really fun despite the delay. (i hate that) my daughter says no to carousels these days. :-( froggy looks like she is having so much fun. jcn

monika said...

That is awesome news!!! I am so happy for Froggy!!

We've been visiting a lot of vintage carousels on our outings lately (there seem to be a lot of them around here in the Alps), and we too have had a delay problem on the camera, and no good pictures, so this is too funny! Nice to know it is not just us :-)