Sunday, April 08, 2007


Note to self: Take pictures of "other" people too at family events, not just the baby.

We had a lovely Easter at Aunt "N's" and Uncle "R's." Froggy had a blast. The highlight was running through their house (hardwood floors) with her cute and LOUD paten-leather shoes. Grandma "W" bought her the adorable Easter dress. She is such a girly girl and enjoys the attention she receives from being pretty-stinkin-cute!

We had an Easter egg hunt and she enjoyed smashing eggs more than actually finding them. Her new thing is to sniff everything. It started because I told her instead of sticking things in her mouth, she could smell them. So now she smells everything, and that is what she was doing in the picture above. Flowers, the phone, remote control, eggs, she sniffs them all.

Hope you all had a Happy Easter and Passover.


Casey said...

I'm like that with pictures too....there seems to only be ones of my kids. No one else. :) After all, when you have cute kids (and you and I sure do!) only stands to reason that we focus on them. :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

it is so funny - my 22 month old daughter had a similar dress on yesterday too. froggy is sooo cute. jcn

Yankee T said...

She is so beautiful!