Friday, August 22, 2008

Froggy Family Facation

Waterfall at Pfeiffer State Beach
Big Sur

Big Sur

Froggy has learned to "Say Cheese!" for the camera. So from now on, she'll be posing this ridiculous expression.


Danger, or Anger keep out?

Remnants of the Big Sur fires.

Daddy, do we have to see another waterfall or spectacular view???

Tree hugger.

Redwoods, the only trees taller than FD.

Moonstone beach.

Moonstone beach and Buddy.

Checking out rocks at the beach.

Froggy wanted a "facation" so off we went to Cambria...

Monday evening, we loaded up the Saturn and drove 240 miles to San Simeon, just North of Cambria. And since we're big spenders, we stayed at the five star resort "Motel 6." To avoid traffic and take advantage of the sleeping toddler, we escaped after rush hour, and didn't arrive at our destination til 1am. Because I'm an anal planner, I called three times last weekend to assure our room would have a refrigerator and microwave in the room, only to find our room without either! I had a mini freak out on our mini vacation and an hour later, they cleaned up a room equipped with our demanding needs. Traveling light is not our thing, with meds, the vest, nebulizer and high fat foods, we showed up to town like a traveling circus -train cars full of elephants, meds, and a little car full of clowns, and of course Buddy the dog.

Cambria was an adorable town, with adorable little shops that we couldn't really go into because we have a toddler and one can only take so much "don't touch that, stop it, let go of that, and It's breakable!," so we opted for lots of hikes and beach time.

The highlights were San Simeon State Park Beach (not pictured). Owned by the Hearst family, the land is amazing and if you hop the fence (which we did), there's an incredible hike on a peninsula overlooking a cliff that would make any mom with a toddler nervous. It was gorgeous.

We also drove up to Big Sur and hiked in Pfeiffer State Park where we saw a waterfall, then drove up to a red woods park where we hiked some more. Beautiful!!!

On our last day, we stopped at Moonstone Beach where we found some great rocks, then drove to San Luis Obispo, where they have a petting zoo/farm, where Froggy fed the goats, sheep, cows, chickens, peacocks and ponies. She was in heaven. Even Buddy loved the farm animals. And I picked up some sweet corn, and you know I'm from Iowa, so I love me some sweet corn.

We drove back Thursday evening and even though it was near 1am, FD got online to look up Respiratory Therapist jobs in San Luis Obispo. It was an incredible town. Everyone was laid back, the town and beaches were dog-friendly (which Buddy LOVED) and there was noooo traffic. Thursday nights, they have a huge farmers market that basically closes down the main street. Froggy was delighted to watch a puppet show, and danced like a maniac to the marching band. Anything for a laugh.

We had a great time. This was a vacation or facation that we truly needed. It's nice being home, but San Luis Obispo is on our minds...


Beverly said...

It sounds like you had a great time. Your beaches are so different from ours, but beautiful.

San Luis Obispo sounds nice. When you haven't been someplace, you have such stereotypes in your head of what states must be like. It's nice to know there are quiet little towns somewhere.

Casey said...

Sounds like a great getaway!! Love the photos and umm...I have a three year old who is making that exact face every time the camera comes out. Oy! :)

Anonymous said...

welcome back! I LOVE cambria. we haven't been since we had our daughter three years ago but before was an annual long weekend for us. beautiful photos! love the tree hugger. jcn

Cara said...

What a fabulous "facation"! San Luis Obispo sounds wonderful and I'm sure that clean mountain air is great for Froggy's lungs. :)