Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Froggyisms... Because She's Just too Stinkin' Funny

I have few luxuries these days. One of the only things I splurge on is my Aveda hair product. It's $18 and lasts a good six months. Today, I stopped at the salon and picked up a jar. While checking emails tonight, Froggy grabbed it out of my purse, opened the jar and smeared HALF of it all over her head. She rubbed it in like shampoo and said, "ooohhh, smells good!" I grabbed the jar away and said, "No Froggy. You may NOT play with this." Froggy, with her greasy 1950's Outsider's hairdo, said, "But Mommy, it's organic." I couldn't believe it. All the anger I had about losing $9 in two seconds was gone. I burst into laughter and threw the little tadpole in the tub.

Froggy doesn't listen well. She's two, so when I ask her a question, she's busy doing...everything else. To solve the listening crisis, I now ask questions like this, "Froggy, do you want a milk, yes or no." It's the only way to get an answer. So today while pulling into the Target parking lot, Froggy asks in an authoritative manner, from the backseat, "Are we here? Yes, or no!?"

Froggy talks to herself. It's adorable. She has an incredible imagination and I try so hard not to laugh, when her index fingers have a disagreement. Yes, her hands talk to each other. Today in the car, her right hand said, "No, those are MY pants!" The other hand replied, "No, those are MYYYY pants!" Where are the finger puppets when we need them?

One more Froggyism and then I'm done gushing about my funny kiddo. On the drive home, Froggy said (to herself, of course) "Are we there yet?" And then she answered herself (of course) NOOOO, we're not stinkin' there yet!"

Wait, just one more...

Froggy: Mommy, what does the sun say?
Froggymama: I don't know, what do you think it says?
Froggy: Hmmm.
(long pause)
Froggy: Mesky, Poosky, Mooooo!
Froggymama: What do the stars say?
Froggy: Chunka neena nuuuuuu!.....Mama, what do the clouds say?
Froggymama: What do you think they say?
Froggy: Poof, shhhoooof, shhooop.
Froggymama: Exactly.


Cara said...

Oh how I LOVE Froggyisms! Reading about her is a fabulous way to start off the day. :)

Casey said...

Oh how do you stand it? She sounds like stinkin' adorable!! It's times like that that make the "rest of the times" doable. Like Cara, I love reading Froggyisms. :)

Beverly said...

She's great! Ella is very verbal. I just can't quite understand everything yet!

Anonymous said...

love this! jcn

Mieke said...

I can smell that head from here!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Mieke said...

I can smell that head from here!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

holly said...

So I'm coming out of hiding to say hello! I found your blog through CF husband a while back, and check up on Froggy on occasion. I'm a CF mommy to a two and a half year old little girl, and we live in Southern California, AND use Aveda also! It's probably my only luxury though. I thought you may be interested in my blog, and sharing CF mommy ideas. It's nice to meet you!

Beverly said...

Are you o.k.? You haven't posted this week. Hope everything is all right.