Thursday, August 07, 2008

Just Froggyisms

Scene one. A long talk with the dog

Froggy and Buddy walk down the sidewalk together.

Froggy: Buddy, you're such a weirdo.

Buddy sniffs a bush, pees, keeps on walking, seemingly undaunted by the comment.

Froggy: What a weirdo.

Scene Two. In the kitchen with Mommy

Froggy finds a little black bug, picks it up, examines it, then wipes it on the refrigerator.

Froggy: Ewwwy. I don't like bugs.

Long pause while she examines the gnat's carcass.

Froggy: I like ladybugs. Those are the only bugs I like.

Another long pause, in deep thought.

Froggy: Ladybugs are red and have black spots. (pause), with red spots.

Froggymama: You're a genius.

Scene Three. While Climbing the Rope at the Park

Froggy: I am just like a lemur.

Froggymama: You're a smart cookie.

Froggy: I am.

Scene Five. Doodlebop, Nipis, Schneke

Froggy: Achhoooooo!

Froggymama: Did you sneeze?

Froggy: No, I'm just trying to.

Froggymama: Why are you trying to sneeze?

Froggy: Cause I wanna get my nipis. (nipis, being a made-up word).

Froggy is really into making up her own words. When I ask her what the imaginary word means, she answers with an imaginary explanation. For example:

Froggy: This is a schneke.

Froggymama: What's a schneke?

Froggy: It's like a goodlebir. (Like, duh)

Another example:

Froggydadda has mastered a new way of getting Froggy to eat peanut butter. He puts five big spoonfuls of peanut butter on spoons in a dish. Froggy has to eat a spoonful, and then FD takes her for a horsey ride around the house. This was their conversation the other day.

Froggydadda: Froggy, eat a spoonful, and we'll go for a horsey ride.

Froggy eats the peanut butter, hops on his back and they ride to her bedroom. She jumps onto the bed, saying,

Froggy: I fell on my doodlebop. (Pause) Wait, does that even make sense?

Scene Six. From the Mouths of Froggybabes

Froggy is lying on the bed. FM and FD stand over her.

Froggy is elated that both parents are home. And adding to her elation is the fact that both parents are giving her their undivided attention, at the SAME time.

Froggy: Mommy! Daddy! Mommy! Daddy!

FD and FM change a poo diaper together (sometimes it's a two-man job)

Froggy points to Froggydadda

Froggy: You're the biggest!

Froggy points to Froggymama

Froggy: You're the boss!

Froggy ponders this for a moment.

Froggy: And I'm the boss with mommy.

Oh dear.

Scene Seven. Bovine Sign Language

I'm trying to teach Froggy sign language. She's really picking it up fast. Tonight I asked her how you say "Milk" in sign. The sign is a squeeze of the hand like you're milking a cow. Froggy makes the sign and says...

Froggy: Like cows boobs!

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Beverly said...

What a girl! She is a funny one.