Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Garden of Froggy Delights



Saturday we had a lovely day at Descanso Gardens. It was a very laid back weekend.

The turtles in the pond all gathered around Froggy. They swam up to her, stuck their necks out, and tried to get as close as they could. I had to hold Froggy back from grabbing them. She was in love. Froggies, turtles and fishies, oh my.


Beverly said...

I love your photos of Froggy. She does love life, doens't she. Reminds me of a little girl I know.

Your post up above is a hoot.

Anonymous said...

once again in my neck of the woods...we could have easily seen you there, as we go a lot on the weekends. (just not recently). LOVE your pictures. Love Descanso!! jcn

Cara said...

What an adventurous little thing she is! I love that she is so full of life. :)