Saturday, August 30, 2008


New Shoes
Froggy has never had new shoes. We've always received hand-me-downs, but this week we went to the mall, had her tootsies measured, and bought new tennies! Froggy could not hide her enthusiasm. She giggled the entire time, and charmed everyone at the store. She always runs fast, but now she runs with shoes purpose. It's adorable and worth the thirty bucks. Yikes!

Culver City Carnival

Firefighter Froggy


Casey said...

As I kid I *swore* I could run faster and jump higher in new shoes. I mean, I really, really believe it. :) Go Froggy! Leave 'em in the dust, babe. :)

New shoes are the best and I don't think that feeling ever goes away. I still get excited about new shoes.

Beverly said...

New shoes. That is exciting. I echo Casey's sentiment about the feeling one gets with a new pair of shoes.

DutchMac said...

Is it pathetic to say that my darling major-sporting-brand-employee of a husband nearly went into apoplectic shock upon hearing a child can go nearly 3 years without new shoes? That's the ONE thing I am absolutely FORBIDDEN to be miserly with. Seriously, we can (and do) forego soooooooo many things most people would consider paramount, simply so that LC always has good shoes. Never mind the fact he grows out of them at the speed of .... well, a 3-year old growing out of shoes.

AND I'm not even ALLOWED to donate the shoes to charity when LC grows out of them because above mentioned freak husband (thinks he) knows all about podiatry and shoe-relating-to-feet-and-body things that he somehow feels we would be permanently crippling another child by wedging their feet into something our kid has already worn to 'his foot shape'. ?????? And men think it's us women that always have the shoe issues!!!!

Wow, that was a fun little rant. Ok, so seriously, if you ever want brand stinkin' new major-sporting-brand shoes for your adorable amphibian, come talk to me. I can get them WAAAAAAAAY cheap for you!