Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Confessions of a Froggy Mama

Tonight I made those Pillsbury cookies that you unwrap and throw on a cookie sheet. When I gave one to Froggy I said, "Here Froggy, Mommy baked these from scratch." I figure I have another year before she realizes that 'from scratch' doesn't actually mean, 'from the package.'

Froggy calls my belly button, mommy's belly butt.

Yesterday, while Froggy was pretending to eat her lunch, she picked up the salt shaker and shook it over the dog, saying, "Salt the Buddy."

We have a book called "Peek a Who!" Froggy loves it and while playing peek-a-boo with herself had this conversation:

Froggy: Peek-a-boo!
Froggy: Peek-a-boo!
Froggy: (very deadpan)I'm not here.

Some new favorite sentences:

I don't think so.

Whatever you do, don't drop the baby! (this is a game I play with her, where I hold her and say, "whatever you do, DON'T (and this is where I swing her to the floor, swoop her up again and say) Drop the Baby!

(regarding shoes, clothes or puppies) It's soooo cute!

Buddy shush! Buddy beat it! (I won't tell you where she learned that last one)

(pointing at her diaper) There's poo poo in theeeerrre!

The other day at Target, we overheard a group of teenagers, and one of them said, "Ohhh f*ck it man!" About five minutes later, we were standing in the shampoo aisle next to an elderly woman, when Froggy decided it was time to try out her new phrase. She dropped the toothpaste she was holding and said, "Ohhhh, f*ck it man!" I turned about ten shades of red, forgot about the conditioner I desperately needed and ran to the checkout line. In the mean time, everytime she said, "f*ck," I said "pumpkin". For some reason it worked and she eventually started saying, "Oh, pumpkin man!" Whew.

Froggydaddy: Froggy, how old are you?
Froggy: I'm four.
Froggydaddy: No, you're two.
Froggy: I'm six.
Froggydaddy: No,you're two.

So with four fingers in the air, she says,
Froggy: I'm two. (a nice compromise)

Froggy has no concept of personal space yet. She'll walk right up to a toddler on the playground, stand one inch away and say, "Hi, hi, hi," until the other kid replies. Toddlers are totally comfortable with another little person standing an inch away and are usually delighted that she's so close. Anyone older than three is deeply, deeply offended and looks up at me like, "aren't you going to do something about her, geeshh!"

The first time I put Froggy in her bicycle seat, she looked up at me and said very seriously, "Go fast." The kid has never been on a bike in her life and was already anticipated an exciting ride. She is definitely her father's girl.

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Anonymous said...

love this post. my daughter (about the same age as yours) says she is 2 months. hilarious. jcn