Thursday, October 25, 2007

We escaped!

Tuesday I booked a flight to Iowa. The air was unbearable, so by Wednesday at midnight, we were breathing the fresh, clean, crisp autumn air of an Iowa pig farm. Just kidding, it smells like leaves and dirt, probably the best perfume in the world.

Poor FD was left behind, to not only deal with California fires, but midterms as well. I'm sure he'll enjoy a quiet house and the lovely absence of his wife yelling, "Take out the recycling!" and "Scoop the kitty poop!" That reminds me, I better call him. On the plane Froggy said, "Dadda? Dadda? Where's Dadda? Where'd he go?" We miss you Dadda! Whether or not you scoop the kitty poop.

We surprised Papa Gus and tried to have Froggy call his name when we got to my parent's house, but she would only say, "Helen." Helen is their cat. The girl loves animals. Papa Gus was still elated.

Today was an adjustment to the 2 hour time change, and the sleep deprivation from our first night. But we're finally settling in. I'll post pics soon. But wanted everyone to know we are safe and breathing free!


Casey said...

I am SO releived that you and Froggy Girl are out of there. I have been worried sick for you. Enjoy the fresh air!

Lindey said...

We have a completely schedule free weekend! Call me if you are still in Iowa Saturday or Sunday. I haven't seen you in ages and every time you come back, it seems we are off somewhere. Glad you are safe.


Lindey said...

Oh my number is 515-201-4258 day or night. Thought you might need that :)

Beverly said...

Enjoy your visit. I'm glad that you were able to get away from the bad air.

Mieke said...

welcome home!!!

Yeah - what a great excuse to be there. They say the air won't be good for TWO weeks. TWO weeks. So I guess you'll have to stay.

Mieke said...

I need pictures Lady! How about an update! I want to see fall.