Monday, October 15, 2007

A Major Bummer

Our Pulmonologist called today and said that Froggy's lung culture tested positive for Pseudomonas. This is one of the nasty bacterias we've tried to avoid with airway clearance, but you can't always prevent it.

The good news is that with the inhaled antibiotics, as well as an oral, they can usually eradicate Pseudomonas. And the doc said that Froggy only cultured a small amount. So the little critters haven't completely set up shop.

The bad news is that we will add another 45 minute nebulizer treatment 2 times a day for the next two months. After those two months, we'll do the inhaled antibiotic every other month (2x's daily as well).

I'm bummed and I'm not sure how in the world we are going to do this. With treatments, nap, meals, and my job, it just seems impossible. But everything at first seems impossible. Then you get a routine and realize it's not so bad.

We also had an appointment with Froggy's neurologist today because her meds aren't controlling her seizures. She suggested we increase her dosage to the max, and if that doesn't work, we'll switch to a new med.

Fun, fun. To take a look at Froggy, you would NEVER know anything is physically askew. She's the most energetic and happy kid, and even with the myriad of treatments and meds, life is just plain normal to her. What a trooper.


Beverly said...

I am so sorry to hear that. I do hope that the treatments get rid of the bugs. Ella just finished her treatment. The nurse called my DIL on Thursday and said that so far, the culture hadn't grown anything. She is expecting to hear the final results soon.

Anonymous said...

all my love to you and froggy.

Casey said...

Oh man! This is not what I had hoped to read about the culture. :( But youare right - everything feels so huge and impossible and completely overwhelming until you do it a few times and realize it isn't so awful - just not as easy as it used to be. I'm glad to hear that the drugs should do the trick.

About the seizures......ugh. :( I hope the increase does it. *sigh*

Big hugs. You are an amazing Mama.

Anonymous said...

hugs to you. ergh! i know what you mean about the daunting idea of adding more stuff to your routine. you have the right attitude super froggy mama. more hugs...jcn