Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We're on Fire!

(Photos taken by Aunt Jo and Uncle D's family in Stevenson Ranch)

Southern California resembles the inner core of Dante's inferno right now.

Sissy Snuggiekins and her family were told to evacuate their home. They remained in their house, and the fire is no longer an imminent threat, atleast for their street. There are fires in Malibu, Orange County, all of San Diego County, Lake Arrowhead, and Santa Clarita. The air quality is horrible, and the American Lung Association has told everyone to stay indoors. Poor Froggy only left the house for two minutes, while we walked to her best friend's house. They ran around the house, but Froggy kept yelling "SIDE, SIDE" - that's code for outside, by the way.

We were supposed to keep all windows and doors closed, but it was a scorcher today, and we were frying. I also can't imagine how, without air conditioning or purifiers, the air inside our apartment is any safer, than the air outside.

The sky is stuck in a continuous sunset. Over one million people in CA were told to evacuate their homes, and six people have died. Thankfully many of the fires are almost contained. But with the heat and wind, there are bound to be more.


T-Rex said...

did you take those photos?

craziness down there.

hi elise!
just got all caught on in froggyland...*smooches* love you guys!!

Beverly said...

So many of the CFers who are near the fires have spoken of the difficulty with breathing. I hope you can keep your sanity with having to stay inside.

Casey said...

I've been watching this on TV and OMG - it's awful! I have you all in my thoughts.

DutchMac said...

This is front-page and first-headline news all the way over here across the pond. I've been wondering how it's affected you guys. Sending lots of positive mojo to EVERYONE affected that this is over soon.


Angela said...

Glad you guys are safe but poor Froggy (and you) - hope you get to go outside soon!