Friday, October 05, 2007

Our Fifth Anniversary

Five years ago today, Froggydaddy and I were married at my Grandmother's church by the same minister who married my mom and dad.

We had our reception at the zoo, which was fitting, because there were a lot of monkeys in attendance. It was a great day.

Tonight we had dinner at the Indian restaurant where we had our first date. And I think for the first time in months, we had a conversation that didn't involve diapers, meds, or bills. It was wonderful. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy my husband's company. The waiter was surprised we've been married five years (this is LA, ya know) and he said that we looked like newlyweds. Okay, okay, I'm sure he wanted a good tip, but still it was nice to hear. Because we go out so rarely, we are just thrilled to be in public without a box of cheerios and a diaper bag. I actually wore a dress, and FD opened the car door for me. Sometimes all I need to remember how great life can be is a mango lassi, vegetable korma, some fresh air, and FD making me laugh.

Thank you Aunt "N", Mom and Dad and Grandma W for treating us to dinner and babysitting the Froggy.


Infidel Rooster said...

Hey Froggy Mama,
first off, congratulations on the five year anniversary. I've had a couple anniversaries myself-the 30th was my 35th birthday and I just had my fifth year anniversary of my second lung transplant. A mouthful indeed.
I just got back from a backpacking trip through part of Europe and saw you'd left a comment on one of my posts, so I thought I'd return the favor.
It's good to read that you are still making time for yourself and husband. One of the things I appreciate most about how my parents raised me and my siblings re:my cf, was that it was not the center of attention at all times. I was a kid who had cf and it was always a reality that had to be taken care of, but it was never allowed to become my defining attribute. My parents expected as much from me as they did my brothers and sisters (two each). Basically they taught me independence and not to limit myself or feel sorry for something I could not change. I've learned how to play very well with the hand I was dealt.
It sounds like you are both doing just fine, not that you need some stranger to tell you this (as I proceeded to tell you anyway?!? People are strange, yes?)
Well, I hope you and the family are having more good times than bad and that your little froggy is doing well.
Oh, and I did watch Letting Go of God. Very funny. I saw an interesting interview with Sweeney and her mother as well, who is still a firm Catholic.

Infidel Rooster said...

I'm not sure where you stand on the universal healthcare issue, but there is a measure in Congress you might find interesting: HR 676. It isn't going to pass yet, but maybe in the future with enough support.

Anyway, here is the post:

Casey said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

Mieke said...

Happy Anniversary. No small achievement lady. It alsom means that our 5 year annivesary has just passed. How can that be???

I'm glad you two had such a relaxing evening together eating my favortie food.

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary! sounds like you lived in the moment and enjoyed your night out. nice! jcn

Angela said...

Happy Anniversary!