Saturday, October 06, 2007


Froggy is such a character. I wish I could describe her facial expressions and sense of humor on the blog, but it's a tough translation. She is (and I maybe biased) the funniest little kid in the world.

Some Froggyisms for your pleasure:

As you know, Froggy is a dancing queen. She's such a dancing diva, that many times while doing her treatment, she has to take a very dramatic DANCE BREAK! Tonight we were watching "Angelina Ballerina" and she yelled through her nebulizer mask, "DANCE!" She jumped up onto her stage (the living room rug) and kicked Buddy out of the way and said, "sorry Buddy." Now usually I don't condone animal abuse, but it was a light kick and he was in her artistic space! Buddy looked at me like, "where is the love?"

FD had to work all day, so I took Froggy to the Santa Monica Pier. When we got to the top of the Ferris wheel overlooking the ocean she looked at me very seriously and said, "what are we doing?"

The other day Froggy was in the room while I dressed. I put on a skirt, and she said approvingly, "cute mommy, cute." She never says that when I put on sweats.

A week ago, I was in her bedroom sorting the diva's wardrobe, when I heard a gush of water. It took a moment to register that it was water, and I was trying to imagine how she could have climbed up to the sink in the kitchen. I ran in, and found Froggy standing in a pile of water, under the drinking water jug. She had completely opened the tap and was wading in it. I asked, "Froggy, what are you doing?" She said, "water," and splashed about. I threw towels on the floor and while wiping up the flood waters, she climbed up on my back and said, "Now I climb Mommy."

Whenever Froggy does anything that she thinks warrants a laugh, she says, "I soooo funny."

Tonight, after treatment, Froggy took her monkey "Bubba" and put him on her pillow, covered him up with a blanket, gave him a kiss and said, "Bubba so tired." I took that to mean it was bedtime.

Froggy blames everyone else for her flatulance. She'll toot and say, "Peeeuuuuu mama." Last night Grandma W. babysat. After she left, Froggy tooted and said, "peeeuuuw Grandma." Her timing needs some work.

Froggy's best friend lives down the street. For our walk yesterday, she was taking her sweet time. To speed things up, I said, "Where's Hummingbird? Do you think she's in her yard?" Froggy started running down the sidewalk and said, "Who loves "Hummingbird?" I do, I do!"

I'd like to say that Froggy has grown out of her 'eating dog food stage' but it just isn't so. She's just gotten smarter about getting away with it. I can always hear her reaching for the kibble (it must be a mommy six sense thing) and when I grab her hand, the baby magician sneaks the kibble into her other hand and into her mouth. I basically have to wrestle her to the ground to get it away. Most of the time it isn't worth it.

There are a million other froggyisms, like her scary lion growl, or elephant bralooooooo, but like the retelling of a joke, sometimes you just have to be there.


Anonymous said...

sooo cute. love it. jcn

The DutchMac Tribe said...

Oh my gosh, Little Cub has the same opinion of his funny self! Whenever he does/says something he feels is clever beyond all else, he laughs and says 'Oh, LC was a-funny!' But he takes full credit in his bodily smells, and relishes in each moment. 'LC pardon me' he says. And if any noises emit from mommy or daddy (and let's be honest, they're not really EVER from mommy), it's 'Daddy pardon me' or 'Mommy pardon me' No chance playing 'Blame the Baby' with him anymore. :-)

Love the stories, and can't wait for our little monsters to meet each other in December!

Beverly said...

Thanks for the smiles. I can see Ella doing some of those things in a few monoths.