Saturday, October 20, 2007

Froggy is officially terrible... I mean two

It's not like we kept her indoors all day. In fact, she spent over an hour and a half at the park, wrestled with her Daddy, went for a walk, and was her adorable self until...

Bathtime...where she splashed the majority of tub water overboard.

Dinner...where she dumped an entire plate of rice and lentils on our dog Buddy, then managed to rub the rest in her hair. This was post bath, so guess who went to bed with food in her hair? I thought I was being smart by removing her pajama top for dinner, but it just encouraged her to finger paint her belly with spinach and potatoes.

While wetting a washcloth to clean up the green-bellied-lentil-headed monster, she pulled off her diaper and peed on the rug.

While getting paper towels to clean up the pee, she poured my glass of juice on the sofa.

While wiping up the juice on the sofa, she picked up the towel that was soaking pee, and ran around the house swinging it over her head.

Respiratory Treatment...didn't happen. I couldn't physically restrain her for more than three minutes. Storytime was a bust, and I had to sit on her to brush her teeth.

There was a point in the evening when I looked at her and said, "Froggy, just stop being naughty for one minute. Do you think you can do that?" To which she replied, "no, I don't sink so."

The little tadpole went to bed early, for my sanity mostly. As she was falling asleep in the rocking chair, I could smell the rice and lentils pasted to her head, and felt her body relax into mine, and all of a sudden, she didn't seem too terrible after all.


Anonymous said...

oh yes...i cann relate. the bath is a serious issue to get IN the tub and then getting OUT is like a horror story. changing the diaper? fa-getaboutit...
right there with you...jcn

The DutchMac Tribe said...

Me too, I'm right there with you in 'what demon is THIS?!' world. I've tried calling the This Is Not The Child I Ordered hotline to get them to send me the correct replacement, but they have even less sense of compassion than insurance companies. Hopefully we can let our two little monsters tear each other apart for a bit in December while we turn our heads and blissfully ignore the mayhem.


Infidel Rooster said...

LOL! I hope this isn't insensitive, but the way you wrote about the experience brought about some serious laughter on my part. I guess the froggy is definitely growing into a pretty normal childhood by the sounds of it. Maybe all that destructive energy helped to keep those airways cleared out!

And her reply to your question! My mother always told me not to ask a question unless I was prepared for an answer I might not like;) I think she never meant to include her questions to me though, now that I think about it...
When do kids start to understand the gist of a rhetorical question? Not soon enough, apparently.

Too funny, Froggymama, too funny.

Casey said...

Hey - I've had days like this! But somehow, it's always funnier to read about them happening to other people. :)

Beverly said...

I'm laughing. At the same time, I'm seeing Miss Ella a few months down the line.

Her throat culture came back clear of Pseudomonas.

Froggymama said...

Hurray for Ella! That's wonderful news!!!