Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Day in the life of a Froggymama

I know these are boring. This is more for myself so when I'm 90, and want to remember the glory days of having a toddler. But feel free to read, or scroll down.

8am - wake up. I know, I know, most of you with small kids get up at 5:30am, but after reading this, you'll understand why we feel the need to sleep in.

FD takes out dog who has been clickity-clacking his toe nails on the hard wood floors for ten minutes, which in dog-world is like crossing his legs and screaming, "I gotta go, man!"

I snuggle toddler in bed, she kicks me in the ribs and says, "I so funny." I reply, "No, you're not."


Wash dishes from late night snacks,
Make coffee
Give Froggy her seizure meds
Prepare nebulizer equipment for Albuterol
Make bottle of apple juice with laxative and probiotic,
Suck down cup of coffee numero uno,
Put on a video and do albuterol treatment (20 min)
Then we pound her back (10 minutes)
While I'm doing treatment, FD runs to my bosses' house to put the rugs in the dryer (because I'd washed them the day before and didn't have time to wait).
For the lovely favor of running my errand, I thank him by being bitchy wife and say, "You didn't have your cell on, and I needed some papers from the coffee table." And he politely says, "You're welcome." I feel like a jerk, and make a mental note to apologize later.
Now that he's back...
I gotta run errands so I leave the LONG treatment for him (45 min)
While I'm away, they do her treatment and play.
I run to hardware store, buy plastic drawer knob for cupboard - for bosses' house
Inquire about HEPA filters - they don't have any, so we can breathe clean air after the fires,
Run to grocery store, pick up milk and essentials, spend 60 bucks and have no idea how, I only went there for MILK!
Run to pet store, pick up kitty food - the kitties have been without for DEAR GOD seven hours, and were about to call the Animal Police to report us for cruel and inhumane treatment.
Return home to sad toddler and frustrated FD. She won't take her enzymes before breakfast.
I shovel them in and encourage the stubborn girl to eat.
11am - nap time, for Froggy that is.
I give Froggy her iron, zinc, antibiotic, and another seizure med, prepare a milk, give enzymes, rock her to sleep,
While the tadpole sleeps for two hours,
Kiss husband goodbye - he's off to school,
Do breakfast dishes,
clean nebulizer equipment,
dry hoses,
set up meds for the day in their syringes,
call the nurse at Children's Hospital and inquire about Froggy's vest,
write blog about Froggy's seizures,
call the neurologist, she's not in so....
send an email to the neurologist explaining her seizure meds aren't working,
call back a 1/2 hour later and talk to her in person,
write blog about update,
make list of things to do for work,
make several work-related calls,
talk to two friends who are having tough times,
call my dad, tell him about the seizures,
scrub kitchen floor,
wipe off kitchen cupboards,
clean stove top,
throw out old food from fridge,
clean sink and counter tops,
swiffer the house,
shake living room rug and spray Resolve on it,
scrub living room rug, and hang it out to dry,
take laundry out of dryer that's been sitting all day,
fold clothes,
listen to NPR - yikes the world is crumbling around us, and I'm too busy to care,
check emails,
write thank you letters from Froggy's bday in September,
wipe up bathroom,
scoop kitty poop,
vacuum kitty litter from bathroom floor,
pick up Froggy's toys,
make organic mac'n'cheese for Froggy's lunch,
Froggy wakes up, we snuggle and read three stories,
defrost turkey cutlets for dinner,
throw them in the crock pot with cream of mushroom soup and sliced celery,
feed Froggy lunch,
Soak and wash Froggy’s shirt from a carrot explosion,
take out the dog,
get mail,
pay bills,
do lunch dishes,
and it's treatment time again, this one is only 15 minutes,
pound her back for another 10 minutes,
give Froggy more meds and a juice,
pack bag for running more errands,
put on jazz and dance around the house,
read another story,
give Froggy a pen I bought at the hardware store with a Tinkerbell top that lights up when you write, she's very impressed and writes all over her arms,
do more dishes,
drink more coffee,

call pharmacy for a refill,
eat lunch - garbanzo beans in spicy indian curry, with rosemary garlic crackers, promising fabulous breath the rest of the day,
call husband and apologize for being a bad wife earlier,
drive to bosses' house, and...
replace cupboard knob,
water plants,
check fax,
view mail,
take rugs out of dryer, put in bathrooms,
drive home,
give Froggy a snack, peanut butter, cheese, and juice,
more meds,
take Froggy and Buddy for a walk or RUN around the block,
FD calls, we meet on the sidewalk,
I take Buddy home,
And we meet back at the park,
Froggy and her friends play,
I catch up with another mama,
Home again for Albuterol treatment (20 min and poundies)
While FD prepares dinner, I run to the grocery store again
For items I forgot, and purchase cleaning supplies for my bosses’ housekeepers,
Home again, I help Froggy eat her dinner,
Check email,
Do dinner dishes,

beg hubby to go to the pharmacy to pick up meds, he does, yay!,
More meds –seizure, antibiotics, vitamins,

Cook rice for dinner, throw everything in the oven and defrost some veggies,
Last treatment – 45 minutes, plus more poundies,
Have a quick dinner with FD, while Froggy sits on my lap and pours a ton of salt on my food,
Brush Froggy’s teeth,
Read two more stories,
Make a milk bottle, give enzymes, she refuses to drink anything,
Rock Froggy to sleep,
Pick up the house,
Do dinner dishes,
Yell at husband for not doing the dishes like I asked,
Apologize to husband for yelling,
FD goes to bed,
I check emails, write this blog, have a glass of wine,
Eat some crackers, watch Law & Order and it’s off to bed, until tomorrow,
When it starts all over again.


Anonymous said...

Geeze, I feel out of breath after reading that! You are a trooper!

Beverly said...

Whew! I'm tired too.

The DutchMac Tribe said...

I am soooooooo not worthy!

Thank you for unintentionally inspiring me to get off my backside more and justify my existence at home. You're my Domestic Hero. :-)

MONSTER said...

Nothing like being a Stay at Home Mama! What, I thought all you guys do are watch soaps and eat bonbons while playing pattycake. Just kidding...I know how exhausting it is. WE MISS YOU!

Casey said...

Oh dear God. How do you do it all? I think my life is busy but wow. Wow.

Sleep in as late as you can - you need it and deserve it!

Mieke said...

Ugh. And I thought my days were full.

Anonymous said...

ai ai ai. i'm glad you documented it. you deserve a break. hang in there. jcn