Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Froggy's Vest

On Monday, we'll receive Froggy's vest! It literally shakes the mucus from her lungs, and is more efficient than the percussion we've been doing.

Guess how much it costs? Nope, higher. Guess again... not even close.

This sucker is $16,000. It's more expensive than both of our cars, my wedding ring, computer, and basically everything we own put together. In fact, it's only a few thousand dollars less than our yearly household income.

I laughed out loud when the representative from the vest company said they would try to get our health insurance to cover some of the cost. I said, "good luck, because they've been so helpful in the past." The rep. said they automatically appeal and do all the paperwork for us. You have NOOOO idea how that made my day. Had we not been on the phone, I would have kissed her.

It arrives on Monday and then they'll send out a rep to help us get this toddler comfortable with being shaken like a martini. Wish us luck!

Happy Thanksgiving!


The DutchMac Tribe said...

YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! You can't see it, but I'm actually dancing a little jig for you guys. What fantastic news!

Big hugs and squeezes your way. Now go have a big glass of wine / beer / milk to celebrate. :-)


Beverly said...

I'll be so interested to hear how Froggy does with it. I guess Ella will be due one of these days. I think her doctor mentioned getting when she's around 2. Some have gotten them earlier.

over at the forum, there was a thread about all the things that parents do to keep their children busy and interested while doing it.

Casey said...

Wow! I hope Froggy takes to it easily - it sounds like a good thing!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cara said...

Congrats on getting a vest for Froggy!! Just a little warning, it tickles A LOT! I can barely stand to do it, but I do!

I'm so happy for you guys and I will be praying for your insurance to cover this, like they SHOULD!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like this is a great vest. hugs from jcn