Saturday, November 17, 2007

'Night Froggy

Scene I.
Mommy and Froggy in bed - snuggling in after stories.

Froggy holds her monkey Bubba in the air.

Bubba's tail!!! (she pulls up his tail)

Froggy: Is there poo poo in there?

Froggymama: No, Froggy (a little annoyed, she is supposed to be sleeping) there's no poo poo in there.

Froggy: Is there pee pee in there?

No, Froggy (wondering where she gets this stuff).

Froggy lifts Bubba's tail, sniffs a couple times.

Froggy: Peee uuueewww Bubba. You stink.

Froggymama: Good-night Froggy.

Froggy: Is it funny?

Froggymama: Yes, you were funny. Now go to sleep.

Froggy: I so funny.

Scene II.

Still in bed.

Froggy holds her Rabbit "Helen" in the air.

Froggy: Where's Helen?

Helen's eyes are obstructed by her ears.

Froggy: Where's Helen?

Froggymama pulls back Helen's ears.

Froggy: There you are!
Froggymama: Are you ever going to sleep?

Scene III.

Froggymama wraps a blanket around Froggy.

Froggymama: Night night little Froggy.

Froggy: Toes, oh toes, where are you?

Froggy rips off her blanket.

Froggy: There you are toes.

Froggymama: Goodnight my funny girl.

Froggy: Huggy mama. (Froggymama snuggles the tadpole and says the lie that all parents tell their children, when they need sleep)

Froggymama: You rest, I'll be right back.

Froggymama exits and the sound of, "toes, toes, where are you." slowly fades as the nightlight goes off...End of play.


Casey said...

Awww...such a sweet little girl. :) Moments to cherish - even if, at the time, all we want them to do is sleep. :)

Angela said...

So cute!