Friday, November 16, 2007

Silly Girl

Froggy is a weird kid. She found my winter hat and has now worn it for three days. Keep in mind she screams bloody murder when we try to put one of HER hats on her. Nope, she likes Mommy's.

Today she wore it to the pharmacy, the other pharmacy, the bank, and on a walk with Buddy.

It's not cold out. She just loves this hat. Sadly, I've come to realize, I'm one of those parents who lets their kid wear whatever they want. You've seen these kids at the store, right? Wearing a tu-tu, moon boots, a bandana, leg warmers, a tiara, wonder woman underoos, and last but not least, a 'My Little Kitty' purse. Oh yeah, that's us - the weird family where the child looks like a cross between Boy George and a bag lady. And the parent, accompanying the cross-dressing-homeless kid gives you that look that says, "we pick our battles, and this was not one of them."

What are you gonna do? Life's too short to argue with a two-year old. And I get a kick out of the reaction we get.


Casey said...

I, too, gave in when it comes to what they wear. When people give me funny looks I say "She dressed herself." and move on. :)

Sometimes there is just no good in arguing with a strong-willed two year old. :)

Beverly said...

I am laughing out loud at your post, wondering what Ella's mom is going to do when she asserts her will over what she shall wear.

Thanks for the link to the Writer's Almanac. I will visit there.

Do you write plays other than your scenes with Froggy?

Anonymous said...

I've taken buzz lightyear and a skeleton on walks, a star wars clone trooper to target, "Jason" -- he found a hockey mask. Spiderman/Venom to a graduation party. Pajamas to the grocery store...

Makes my son happy and makes me happy that he can find so much joy in the little things. Liza

Infidel Rooster said...

My mom always let me wear what I wanted, except in extreme circumstances, like family holidays. Usually she would make me wear something 'nice' and then spoil it by allowing me to also wear ski googles or a cape.
Of course, she also let me eat various foods at off times, like breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast. Like she would say to people who thought it was odd or somehow damaging, "My kid didn't swallow an alarm clock".

Hell, if I could get away with a cape and shiny metallic suit nowadays, I'd probably wear it out on occasion.

Aren't kids supposed to do those things?

I say encourage as much weirdness as possible while she's young so that she doesn't grow up to be one of the normal ones. A fate worse than death.