Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sweet Home California

The Venice Drum Circle at dusk.

SissySnuggiekins took this photo.

Froggydadda and Froggymama

SissySnuggiekins with a 'shrunken head tattoo' from the freak show we went to in Venice, where we saw a live turtle with two heads, a pig with his heart on the outside of his body, and a cyclops piggy (in formaldehyde). Ahhhh, only on Venice Beach.

Couldn't you just smooch those lips?

Only in photos do I realize how much taller FD is.

Two sissies in the sand.

Grandpa J. at sunset.

Grandma W. clapping to the drum circle.

We got in at 11:30pm last night (which was 1:30am Iowa time) and we're exhausted! Today we unpacked and then hit Venice Beach and the drum circle with Grandma and Grandpa and Sissysnuggiekins.

I'm too tired to write, but the sunset and beach were a warm welcome home. Ahh, we missed our Froggydadda, Sissy, Buddy and kitties sooo much. It amazes me that one day we're running through a cornfield and the next, sinking our toes in the sand.


Beverly said...

I'm so glad you're back home safely. What a gorgeous family you are. How tall is FroggyDaddy? My son, Ella's daddy, is 6'8".

Thanks for stopping by.

T-Rex said...

Welcome Home!!
It looks like you had a wonderful time in iowa! :) Love all the photos.

Casey said...

Welcome home!!!

Anonymous said...

i love these pictures, especially the one with froggy to the left of the frame in the sand. welcome back! jcn

Anonymous said...

Addie is so precious! What a cutie pie.