Sunday, November 25, 2007


Froggy on the beach in Laguna.

Froggy with Auntie R. and Uncle S.

I love the look on Auntie R's face in this picture.
Cousin M. and her friend J.

Auntie GranDee. and her grandson.

Grandpa J.

Great-grandma B.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend at Great-Grandma B's in Laguna. What an amazing dinner - turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and the best apple pie I've ever had, courtesy of Auntie GranDee. Froggy met her cousin "C" for the first time. They're about 5 months apart and got along great, taking the dogs for walks, smooching and hugging, and loving the attention they received from being the two cutest toddlers alive!

On Saturday we had a campfire on the beach, roasted hotdogs and ate s'mores, and the kids ran and ran and ran. Froggy was actually tired and fell asleep during treatment. I have never seen her exhausted, but we did it. We finally wore her out!!!

I was too busy eating and chasing Froggy around to take more pictures, so sadly, the beautiful turkey will have to be remembered as the leftovers I'm about to devour...


Anonymous said...

Hi FM,
I love reading about Froggy. In one of my posts I mentioned that my little bug also has CF. She is seven months old. We will be flying furing Christmas and I am wondering if you have any tips to keep her healthy during the flight. I know they can harbor bacteria so I am a little worried.

Thanks for any thoughts.


Froggymama said...

KHJ, Sure. I use a ton of the antibacterial wipes and gel. And I wipe down the seat, arm rests, the table, seatbelt, everything. Also, we've never sat next to anyone who was coughing or sneezing, but I would ask for a different seat. Sometimes I've asked people sitting right next to us if they're sick. Everyone understands, and if they don't, just explain to the flight attendant. I was worried about the air in the plane, but our doc said most of the time it's not about the air, as much as it is the surface of seats, armrests, etc. I also wipe Froggy's hands with the alcohol gel about 10 times during the flight, and try to keep the pacifier in her mouth, so she doesn't stick a finger in her mouth. Ultimately, you can't prevent everything, but we've been pretty healthy on our trips. We also tell family and friends that they can't visit unless they're healthy. And we try to prevent a ton of little-kid-contact while home. For example, we don't go to events, kids b-day parties, etc, and stay away from indoor playgrounds. And...before the trip, I'm super careful about not exposing her to any kids a few days before we leave. Hope this helps. Good luck, and don't worry!

Anonymous said...

what a happy family (and friends). xo jcn