Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Markers, what markers?
I'm a Picasso!

Yeah, it's up my nose, so what?

Tastes like chicken.

Froggy and her mama draw a rainbow with markers. Froggy pretends to color on the paper, but secretly colors her face.

Froggymama: Froggy, stop coloring on yourself. I'm serious!

Froggy continues drawing a green mustache above her lip and replies.

Froggy: I'm serious...too.

Froggymama laughs wildly and thinks, "alright, you win this time kid."


Beverly said...

She is a funny one, indeed. And you're a good sport.

Anonymous said...

That's not as bad as when Angie, Corie, Froggy Mama, and Sissie hid in the closet and all smeared Vaseline in your hair. Great photos!

Casey said...

Baaahahahahahaha! That is some girl you have there. :)