Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Couple of Dates

FD and I actually went on a date. We saw the movie "Dan in Real Life" and it was funny, endearing, and it was soooooo nice to see a film that doesn't involve puppets, animation, or dancing Australians.

We get out so rarely, that when we do, we act like teenagers and talk during the credits, smooch during the smoochy parts, and eat way too much popcorn and candy. And it was a matinee on a rainy afternoon. Is there anything better than going to a matinee on a rainy afternoon? Nope.

Grandma and Grandpa babysat and Froggy had an amazing time with them. When we returned home, she was playing a new game she invented called, "Jump off the sofa onto Grandpa's chest!" He was a good sport.

Froggy and her boyfriend "The Bub" also went on a date, a playdate that is.

I know the pictures aren't great. It was difficult getting these two super-high-energy monkeys in the same frame. Fun, fun. And I had a lovely time talking to The Bub's mom and holding their new Boston Terrier pup.

It was hard to wake up to MONDAY. I've had the feeling all day that this is actually a Friday just stuck in Monday's body. It may be a long week.


Beverly said...

What fun! I'm glad you and your husband got to go on a date...and Froggy too. I know about trying to get good pictures of the never still Ella.

Sweet to read.

Casey said...

Good for you for getting out! Yay!!! You know, I always think that holiday weeks are sooo much longer than normal weeks. I wonder what's up with that.

Anonymous said...

i am going to a movie this weekend and sadly think that the last movie i saw was dreamgirls last christmas. ergh! keep up the dates if you can. jcn

MONSTER said...

So lovely to have you guys over, and as usual, so heart-warming to see the kids taking so much pleasure out of being together. It was a glee fest!

Take heart on the number of movies you see in the theatres..the last one I was "Pretty Woman." OK, I exaggerate. It was more like "Crash" or "Walk The Line." Waaaaay back in February 06.

Froggymama said...

Okay Monster, we are sooo going to trade babysitting nights!