Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Froggy was awake at 6:45am on Christmas morning!

Santa Claus brought her a tricycle, camera, clothes, princess computer, boucy ball, drum set, and more. Not like she's spoiled or anything.

Grandma W. made her famous butternut squash soup, and an incredible meal!

Sissysnuggiekins spent the whole day with us! (Those pictures are coming later - I took them with Froggy's new camera, but haven't read the manual yet.)

Buddy begged for turkey, and succeeded in some scraps.

FD and I were pampered with gift certificates galore!

We missed our Iowa family big time.

We had an incredible, amazing, exhausting, thankful, loving, delicious, beautiful Christmas!


DutchMac said...

What a lucky, lucky little Froggy. Looks and sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from across the pond!


Anonymous said...

Looks a lot like our Christmas! In fact, Emily wore the same pajamas. She loves her snoman jammies.

Both of our girls got cameras from Santa, too. Must have been a hot item at the north pole this year.

The best gift we received this year was a letter from the dietician in the CF clinic which arrived on the 24th. IT was the lab results and progress report from out Nov. visit. It said that Em's nutritional status in ON TARGET. 100% where she should be right now!!! (Thanks to her tube of course.) They are reccommending that we decrease feeds now to see if she can continue to gain/maintain without it. WOW! Best gift ever!

Glad to see you had a great holiday! Froggy and her sissy are beautiful!

Tami (izemmom)