Sunday, December 14, 2008

We're all gonna freeze!

Not California

The weather lady (and no she is not a meteorologist in that tight mini skirt) on one of our local LA news channels tonight said, "It's getting ugly out there! Cold temperatures, rain, and SNOW" (failing to mention that it will only snow in the mountains, where it is supposed to snow).

The top story at 6 then moves to an overweight couple roasting marshmallows over an outdoor grill. The weather vixen asks the woman what in world she is doing, and the woman replies, "Dang, it's soooo cold. I had to buy a new jacket, it was like so cold," showing off her new jacket that isn't even zipped and exposing her halter top to the blustery blizzard that is the 65 degree Los Angeles tundra.

And then, because the weather is just too dangerous to stop reporting on, they move to another genius standing in his yard (without a jacket mind you), by his mechanical reindeer, and they ask him from the toasty studio, "So any advice about this weekend weather?"

And the genius says, "Don't even go outside."

I'm sorry. I'm from Iowa. I find this hilarious.


fleetfeet said...

I am right there with ya. When it is eleven out here (not counting the wind chill) I have a hard time believing it is truly cold in LA!

Cara said...

Hahaha! It sound just like Houston when it gets cold! It snowed about an inch in Houston the other night and everyone was calling it the BIG SNOW! So funny!

Mieke said...

It is hilarious. And so accurate! Their snow coverage if followed by the incredible seven man reporting team they sent out for the anticipated rain - only one reporter had found any - a few drops. But mind you those drops were very well covered!!!

I must confess however that my blood has thinned. When it not PLUMMETS to 60 I have to put my seatheaters on. Pathetic- I know.

The DutchMac Tribe said...

Holland is another phenomenon altogether. It actually feels colder than Iowa at times in the winter (even though it most definitely is NOT), but it's been explained to me that it's because it's a wet cold here, whereas Iowa is bone-dry in the winter. I believe it. I remember the state of my skin and the near-lightning experiences everytime I touched any surface when in the house and wearing socks.

England, however, cracks me up when it comes to the 'heat' of summer. I remember one day in July when the radio announcer said (and I kid you not), 'The thermometers have reached 82 degrees, ladies and gentlemen. It's an absolute SCORCHER out there!' And there was no sarcasm. 82? Scorcher?! Oh, you poor, misguided fool. You simply have NO idea.

Anonymous said...

I live in Texas...when we have a tornado, I'm sure they have interviewed those same folks on our TV news station here!

Unknown said...

Tomorrow's high temperature here: 1 degree. You read that right, 1 degree. That's the HIGH.

First Maine, now Wisconsin, why do I keep moving to these places??

Although in Maine, they never made a big deal about the snow or cold. Yeah yeah yeah, tomorrow it will snow 8 inches, no biggie. Once the forecast got up to 16 inches of snow they started to show a little emotion (but not too much). Gotta love New Englanders!

Anonymous said...

The weather channel has hit our town this weekend because we actually had a blizzard here in NoDak. So people are going out in the weather to great the "famous" weather people.

My parents called from AZ to complain about their "cold" temps (60s as well) and we're inside still in our pjs by the fireplace, watching Fred Claus and other holiday shows and snacking. Nowhere we need to go.

Liza aka Ratatosk from the cf board

Lydia Russell said...

LOL! That is hilarious! I grew up in New England, where there was, like, REAL snow. I'll never forget the first time I heard the news guy in Texas say, its time to get those jackets out! Its going to be a chilly 60 degrees today. HA. And the freeze warning signs they put everywhere. I SWEAR one year I heard the tornado warning alarm in the evening when the temperature started to drop.

Lady Liberal said...

That IS hilarious!
I just spent a good 60% of my workday reading your archives. I am hooked- on your artful language and your beautiful girl and your amazing outlook on a challenging life. I cried watching her video montage from the CF fundraiser.
My little family doesn't have much to give, but we do make some small charitable contributions each year at Christmas. The CF foundation just made our list.
From one mama to another, big hugs for you and that sweet froggy baby and her wonderful daddy!

jessicagv said...

I am laughing hysterically.
I live in Northern Ontario Canada.

Last week our temperature went as low as -28 C, which is -22 Fahrenheit.

And it will get lower too!

jessicagv said...

I am laughing hysterically.
I live in Northern Ontario Canada.

Last week our temperature went as low as -28 C, which is -22 Fahrenheit.

And it will get lower too!

Beverly said...

Sorry I haven't been by. I read your posts in Google Reader and didn't come here so I could comment.

I was talking to my DIL about it being quite chilly here, and then I said, "Oh, it's about 60." Oh well, it's all very relative, isn't it.

Merry Christmas to the Froggy Family.